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Sheila visited towards the end of August to deliver another English language summer school at School Number 5 in Rogachev and follow up outstanding projects after Rachel and Sarah’s visit in July.



Rachel and Sarah had a busy visit to Rogachev.  The past year has been particularly hard  - employment in the region has hit an all-time low, government benefits for large families and disabled citizens have been cut drastically and many people are severely struggling.

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One of our dedicated supporters, Mick Reynolds, hosted a Fairground Model Show at Murray Edwards College, Cambridge in March 2018; the proceeds from which were donated to Bridges to Belarus.  Mick is an extremely skilled model maker and travels around the country exhibiting them at similar fairs. 

summer 2017

Rachel was accompanied by pediatric nurse Alison Brain to Belarus. Alison has a number of years’ experience working with an orphanage in Uganda and proved invaluable. Many of our families are currently struggling with unemployment.

august 2017

Sheila Furley once again travelled to Rogachev during the long Summer break to lead the English Language Summer School, catching up with former pupils who are now studying at University.

august 2016

Sheila's report from the August 2016 Summer School, as well as a visit to Anna and Volodya's new house.

august 2015

Sheila Furley travelled on her own to Belarus in August 2015 to lead a 5-day Summer School at Rogachev's School No 5.

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Ellie caught up with some old friends and made some new ones, while Sheila concentrated on running the Summer School at School Number 5.

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may 2014

Rachel travelled out to Belarus accompanied by Sarah Greaves on her first ever visit. Thanks to the donation of a sponsor, Anna and Volodya's new house is coming along.

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